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Four Natural ways of Preventing Yourself from being Sick

The desire of every human being is to be health and free from illnesses but they don't know what is required of them so that they don't contract diseases.

The following are naturals you can do to keep yourself free from diseases at home:


It is advisable to eat balanced diet daily to keep your body strong. Make sure that you eat green vegetables and fruits to boost your vitamin level in the body. Other important nutrients is calcium to keep your bones strong.

Make sure you eat well cooked food to avoid food poisoning this applies mostly to people eating cooked meat.

Before going to work make sure you eat food rich in proteins and carbohydrates so that you will not strain your body tissues so much.

2.Physical exercise

Doing practise daily make your body health since sweating breaks down cholesterol in your blood vessels hence improving blood circulation in the body. Also it reliefs your body from stress and make you physically fit.


Avoid drugs that have side effects in your body for instance tobacco may lead to throat or lung cancer and Alcohol can also lead to liver cirrhosis hence you should minimise harmful chemicals entering your body.

4.Good hygiene

Ensuring general cleanliness both at home and your body will prevent you from diseases related to dirty environment. You can do to following to keep yourself hygienic;

Make sure you take a shower daily using clean water to avoid diseases such as skin rushes.

Brush your teeth after every meal using a good tooth paste to prevent your teeth from bacterial infection which may cause tooth decay.

Wash your hands regularly and before taking any meal to keep yourself safe from cholera which is caused by dirty food.

Avoid sharing eating utensils before cleaning like spoons and plates.

Always ensure that you sleep in a clean environment and free from dust to avoid respiratory diseases.

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