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Its "Weed Day", The Truth Behind Secret Code 4:20

Something is on the air today!! It’s the 4:20. 4:20 or April 20th is known worldwide as a weed day among those who follow the weed culture. There are lot of conspiracies surrounding this iconic number 4:20. Today we will clear the air with my research telling you how and where the number 4:20 came to be.

In 1970’s a  group of friends at San Rafael High School in Marin County, California, who called themselves "the Waldos," would often meet at 4:20 p.m. to get high. It is believed that they would make sure that they are converged at the basement by 4:20 and anyone who is late to hit the target time would not be allowed to brake into the chain. It’s the weed culture you know!

It is stated that the time was an ideal time since they were out of school and their parents were not yet arrived from their work places. That was the perfect time for their unsupervised freedom. They therefore used code it from everybody who did not belong to the pop culture. With the spread of the pop culture, those who belong to that culture use the coded short-code to convey messages.

Remember Smoking Marijuana can tamper with your brain. So, take care.

Happy “Weed Day”



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California Waldos Weed Day


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