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6 Early Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore Before It's Too Late

1. Excessive Fatigue

This is one of the signs that you should never Ignore especially when you notice that it is very consistent. If you notice that you get tired easily even without having done a lot of work, then that should make you become concerned. It is possible that you just wake up but instead of feeling refreshed, you feel tired. This is one of the common signs of a heat attack.

2. Lots of abdominal pains

Abdominal pains can be very frustrating. Lots of abdominal pains can be a sign of many things that are happening in the body. It could be come as a result of indigestion, constipation or some sort of virus in the stomach. Anytime you have abdominal pains, make sure you find out what is happening and don't just assume that it is nothing serious.

3. Insomnia

This is actually when a person's sleep is severely affected due to poor sleeping habits and it could be as a result of things like depressions or some chronic diseases. People with insomnia find it very difficult to sleep. Even is they sleep they end up waking too early before they are supposed to wake up. A person has slept but still wakes up feeling very tired.

4. Breathing difficulties and problems

Difficulty in breathing could be as result of many things and probably a lung condition. Diseases like asthma, pneumonia and emphysema. It could also be a problem of the heart or a heart infection and that is why you should never ignore this early warning sign. Always ensure you find from a qualified doctor what the problem is before it is too late.

5. Pains in the chest

Consistent chest pains is one thing you should not ignore. Discomfort in the chest can be as a result of many underlying problems that you should be careful to find out.

6. Excessive sweat

This is a kind of sweating that is absolutely not normal and and it is not even related to environmental temperatures. Especially when your excessive sweating is accompanied with feeling light headed and nausea, then you should be concerned and seek medical attention.

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