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Things You Should Do to Ensure to Remain Healthy

This is what you should do to ensure that your health is improved

1.You need to exercise

Participating in active leisure like playing football, running,skipping rope and Jogging help alot.Doing such exercise makes the blood in the body to circulate well.While playing also makes one's body to be refreshed .

2. Enough sleep.

When a person sleeps at night he/she give a rest to the body.It is recommended that every person needs to sleep for eight hours a day.This helps the whole body to refresh amd the brain to rest.Most of the people sleeps late at night going against health regulations.Many thinks that its only children are the one to sleep for atleast eight hours.

3.You should eat a balanced diet

Every meal a you need to help should contain nutrients required by your body.You need to eat a balance diet which includes proteins,carbohydrates and vitamins.This help the body remain healthier.Food with fibre should be eaten to enhance digestion of the food.

4.Take a glass of water

Water is required by the body .Water improves the digestion of food and circulation of the blood.It is recommended that one need to take seven glasses of water per day.

5.Share your story

Engaging yourself in a talk with your friend is very important.This will help you share your problem and challenges you are facing.Doing this will help you to reduce depression you are having.When you are not healthy pleace counsult a physician for assistance.And finally God is with you.

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