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Cure Yourself From Stomach Ulcers Completely With These 3 Ingredients

In this article, I will give you a certain perpetual home grown remedy for stomach ulcers, and to be honest with you, if you use and follow everything I will teach you, you will receive an everlasting fix.


Ulcer in the Stomach (mainstream)




Leg Ulcers from the Venous System

Ulcer in the Mouth

When there is an excess of corrosive in the stomach, it consumes body fluid covering, causing soreness. Helicobacter pylori, a type of bacteria, is to blame.

Fixes are required.

6 plantains (green)

6 okra, fresh and green

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The plantain should be washed and chopped into pieces after being washed with clean water.

To avoid contamination, place the chopped plantain in a pristine five-liter container with a tight spread.

Cut the okra as well and place it in a similar container. Fill the inside compartment of the blender with clean water, but not to the brim.


1. Patients with stomach ulcers should drink one small cup of water at the start of the previous day's dinner.

2. A second cup in the evening

3. Another cup in the bed from the night before.

Ulcer patients must eat as little food as possible, as often as possible, and for brief periods of time. It is not advisable for you to go hungry. You should consume a lot of natural products, but stay away from oranges and pineapples at all costs.

Avoid drinking alcohol, and if you have been drinking previously, you should stop.

Any type of charred food should be avoided.

If you use all of the methods listed above, stomach Ulcer will be a thing of the past for you. Follow my page for more healthy advice like this.

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Stomach Ulcer Venous System


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