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Tips on How to Make Your Beans Produce Thick Soup

Beans are very important to our body's health,apart from being nutritious they are also protein giving food. Its advisable to have beans on your diet every now and then. Beans can be eaten with chapatti,mixed with maize,rice and even Irish potatoes.

To make your beans soft,delicious with a thick soup,you need to do something while boiling them. Below are some of the ideas to make your beans soft with thick soup and delicious.

1.Let them cook and dont let them dry.

Let your beans cook for a long time and let them not dry up. Add water to your beans until they are ready.

2.Let them boil for sometime and then add coconut milk.

This will make your beans soft and produce a thick delicious soup. Eat them with Chapatti or rice.

3.Tumeric powder.

This is also good when you need your beans taste delicious with thick soup.

4.Add a little amount of Milk

This makes beans soft too with thick delicious soup.

5.Add peanut Sauce while.

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