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How To Cook Delicious Matumbo To Serve With Ugali

Many people love Matumbo,one mistake done is that many people don't know how to prepare it. Today we are going to learn step by step on how to cook delicious and tasty Matumbo.


  1. Any amount of your liking of matumbo
  2. 1 big onion
  3. 3-6 tomatoes.. i insist tomatoes have to be a lot😊 kindly
  4. Dhania
  5. 2 royco cube
  6. Simba mbili/curry powder
  7. Pilipili🔥
  8. 1 spoon soy sauce
  9. 1 teaspoon royco powder
  10. 1 spoon oil.. i don't like it too oily😊
  11. 1 pinch cinnamon (secret ingredient)😉

The procedure;

  1. clean your Matumbo properly
  2. boil till a bit tender.. don't over boil
  3. Separate it from the broil/water you've used to boil.. don't pour the water you will use it later
  4. Heat your oil in a pan. Chop onions and fry till brown.
  5. Add your matumbo.. please dont put tomatoes first😭 please.. dry fry under low heat till they start becoming a bit crispy
  6. Now add your tomatoes.. leave it to cook well. I really don't appreciate chunks of tomatoes in my food😂
  7. Add your flavouring; a pinch of cinnamon, royco cubes, simba mbili, soy sauce and royco powder (the original one) 😅personal preferences..if you love soup add the previous water
  8. Now for the steamy really delicious part🔥🔥 chop your pilipili and dhania and add to the matumbo
  9. Serve with ugali.. it is super delicious
  10. Do enjoy❤❤

Make sure you try out the recipe at home and share the article to your friends.

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