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Reasons Why You Should Eat Muthokoi Frequently

Muthokoi is a common and popular dish among the Kamba community. The dish is treasured and loved by both the old and young.

It refers to dry maize whose husks has been removed and cooked with beans or peas. Muthokoi is loved because it is an energy giving meal. The dish takes a few hours to make and the process starts with boiling the maize and beans or peas. Muthokoi can be served with vegetables like cabbages, pumpkin leaves or even potatoes and cowpeas' leaves.


Peas/bean used in preparing the dish are a rich source of proteins. The two also contain a host of minerals that are useful in the body. 

Anyone eating muthokoi has full of choices in his/her meal. You can increase nutrients in it by adding vegetables such as spinach, cabbage and kale. It’s a mouth salivating food that can’t boo you when in table. A whole maize that’s is used in making muthokoi is rich in carbohydrate. The nutrients are important to the body because provide the body with energy to perform daily activities


Muthokoi is a non-processed food that is healthier to your body. It’s a mixture that has a delicious soup that helps your body with nutrients. Eating it will be of more benefits to your body.

 Easy to prepare

 Preparing Muthokoi is a breeze. There are endless recipes online for preparing this dish. You can use the recipes to cook the dish for your family. You can also ask a Kamba friend to teach you to prepare the same.


 There is no doubt that Muthokoi is delicious. You can add other ingredients to make it tastier. Many people love this dish because of its tasty nature.

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Kamba Muthokoi


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