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4 Foods That Remove Harmful Chemicals From The Body Of A Human Being

These foods have antioxidants. Which protect body cells from damage. They, ensure free radicals don't harm the cells. The examples of antioxidants are carotenoids, vitamin C and E, selenium, zinc, copper and polyphenols.

When food or drugs have been broken down and used in the body. They always give out waste substances. If they are not flush out of the body, they will cause disease such as cancer, heart diseases and aging. Eating this foods in moderation, will remove toxic materials, from the body cells.

The following foods have antioxidants which fight free radicals


They have vitamin C, magnesium and iron. They add blood into the body very fast, promote healthy skin and controls the amount of cholesterols. They also, assist the liver, to remove harmful substances, from the body cells.


They block free radicals from damaging cells. They also, boost digestion, fight bloating and ensure no much gasses in the stomach.


They are able, to remove toxins from the body because they have vitamin C. Which is antioxidant. They prevent the cells from reacting with free radicals. They balance the pH of the body and purify the body systems.


They are another food which is used, to detoxify the body. They are antibacterial, and antiviral. They also have antibiotic properties. They are important because they have a chemical known as allicins. Which protect body cells, from harmful substances.

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