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Life Tips That Will Completely Change The Way you Look At Ordinary Things

Below are some of the most useful tips for life which I came across, they are guaranteed to make sure that tedious everyday problems.

Protect your smartphone

Smartphone screen can become scratched very quickly if you don’t cover it with protective film. Put a little toothpaste on a cloth and carefully rub it on to any scratches, then remove any remaining toothpaste and wipe the screen dry.

Getting rid of headache

The pain of headaches can be eased by rubbing a slice of lemon on your forehead. Sounds crazy, but believe it that the aroma of citrus fruit can really calm you down.

Getting rid of unpleasant odors in the kitchen

It is very simple to get rid of bad smells in the kitchen, pour one tablespoon of ordinary vinegar into a frying pan and heat until it evaporates.

Boiling milk faster

You are guaranteed that your milk will boil faster if you add a pinch of sugar in it.

What to do with a cracked egg

You can still make use of a broken egg, just boil it as normal and then it can be used for salads or sandwiches.

Boiling beans and pulses faster

In case you forgot to soak the beans or peas don’t worry, boil them in unsalted water, adding a tablespoon of cold water every 7-10 minutes, this way, they’ll be ready with no trouble at all.

Removing a glue stain from glass

You can remove glue stain from glass using ordinary household vegetable oil. Simply smear some oil on the affected area, leave it for about 10 minutes, then wipe with a paper towel.

Substituting bananas for eggs in baking

Eggs can be replaced with banana when making the dough for cookies or pie. Half a banana is roughly equal to one egg.

Getting rid of a sore throat

Drinking hot milk with cardamom, then any inflammation and soreness in your throat will disappear very quickly.

Checking if an egg is fresh

If you drop an egg into some cold water so that it’s completely submerged, afresh egg will sink to the bottom. While the ones that have gone off will float to the surface.

Calming yourself down quickly

In order to calm yourself down quickly, press down on the patch of skin between your nose and your lips using your thumb for three seconds. This helps even if you think you’re having a nervous breakdown.

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