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Opinion: The 2 Ingredients You Should Never Boil Meat With

You will be very surprised to know the things people out here use to cook their food fast. This is very common in restaurants and other open air eating areas where people are ever flowing. I guess you do wonder how there is always food yet it can't be cooked all at the same time and some of it takes hours to cook.

To save on time and energy, the cooks use other methods which include adding some substances to fasten the cooking time. Meat is one of the foods where this is done.

Potash and paracetamol are some of the two products used to cook meat. These are very harmful to the body and should be avoided as much as possible. They produce toxins which poison kidney and liver cells. This is because all toxic substances have to be taken to these two organs more so the kidney for detoxification.

The effect becomes extreme because they use an overdose of these substances and this causes poisoning. They accumulate in the kidney and kill the cells. The liver and kidney are very essential in the human body. If they are damaged, your body won't function properly and this can threaten your life.

You should therefore avoid these substances as much as possible and don't eat some foods in restaurants. Only eat in places where you trust the people working there. Like, share and follow the page for more articles daily.

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