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Simple, Delicious and Nutritious Kenyan Dinner Ideas

Are you having a hard time deciding what to prepare for dinner? Coming from work tired, cooking is the last thing on our minds. It does not have to be a difficult process. With these simple delicious options, dinner will be easier than ever.

These foods are not only simple to prepare but also very nutritious to your health. As we all agree, healthy living is paramount. These ingredients can be bought on the weekend and then stored to be prepared during the week.

Here are an example of dinner ideas:

1.Ugali with Sardines

This meal ensures a good supply of proteins from sardines to our bodies together with the carbohydrates from Ugali.

2. Pilau

This is a mixture of meat with rice that is fried together.

3.Spaghetti served with tomato sauce

This is a great option for children and can be served with a protein source of your choice.

4.Potatoes in a stew

They can be paired with any protein saice from legumes to meat products.


This is fried rice added with spices and served with desired proteins and vegetables.

6. Githeri

This is a favourite for many as it is very delicious. It also provides all the nutrients required from a meal when paired with avocado.

7.Rice, vegetables and githeri

This is especially for those who can not get enough of githeri but want a bit of variety.

8.Rice, Fish with kale

This is also a great option for offering all three food groups.

9.Ugali, traditional vegetable, beef and kachumbari

This is one delicious meal, I most definitely recommend.

10.Beef, vegetable fried rice served with other vegetables.

11.Mokimo with beef

Kokomo is a favourite for many and what better way to serve it than with your favourite protein source.

12.Chapati with beef

13.Fried rice

14. Ugali, beef with vegetables

15. Ugali, chicken with beef

Whichever you go for, am sure it will be a simple, delicious and nutritious meal for you and anyone else who gets to eat it. Which one is your favourite of all these? Do comment on the same and also do not forget to like, share and follow if you liked this article.

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