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'Mutura' What You Need To Know About The African Sausage

'Mutura' is the local name for the African sausage. It is made from the small or large intestines of cows originally from the Gikuyu Community in Kenya. The sausage is spiced up with different spices to give it a peculiar sweet taste.

(Photograph:OMG Kenya)

The Gikuyu community in the central parts of Kenya is the pioneer of the 'Mutura' sausage. This sausage was originally being produced during family gatherings and ceremonies to entertain guests before the main meal was ready. During the ceremony, the elders could slaughter a goat or a cow and remove the intestines first. Since it could not be thrown away, they clean it and chop it into smaller and fine pieces. It was then cooked along with other pieces of the legs and spiced up with spices such as pepper or pilipili and onions to add flavor.

(Photograph: tripadvisor)

After cooking, blood from the slaughtered animal is added to the mixture and then stirred to cook for some more minutes. One end of the intestines is tied with a string from a banana bark. The filling is staffed in the intestine and then the other end is tied in the same way. The sausage is then fried or burnt over charcoal. Once it is ready it is served as an appetizer before the main dish.

'Mutura' is an essential part of Gikuyu gatherings but nowadays it is commercially traded in African cities. It has gained popularity in other communities at large because of its delicious taste.

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