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How To Make Tasty And Yummy Coconut Flour Chocolate Cake From The Comfort Of Your Home

Several Kenyan families, especially those living in large towns and cities have been changing their meal schedules over the time due to their dislike in cooking and the urge to eat junkie foods.

Many have turned their attention to cakes which they find easy to get, very sweet and can be eaten at any time of the day.

Cake stores are usually found in the middle of towns and cities which some are not easy to access due to the traffic and congestions in the roads.

This has made it difficult for cake lovers to get their best bites, but majority do not know that they can bake these cakes from the comfort of their homes without struggling with the traffic and congestions at the cake places.

The coconut flour chocolate cake is the favorite taste for many, but baking one gives them a hard time. But today we are showing you the steps to make a tasty and yummy coconut flour chocolate cake.

The ingredients include;

1: Coconut flour.

2: Arrowroot flour.

3: Salt.

4: Baking powder and baking soda.

5: Coconut oil.

6: Maple syrup.

7: Cocoa powder.

8: Eggs.

9: Milk.

10: Vanilla extract.

11: Chocolate frosting.


Mix the ingredients slowly until they combine completely and finely. Add the coconut oil, maple syrup, and cocoa powder in a clean dry bowl and whisk together until glossy and smooth.

Add eggs then pour milk then whisk until combined. Add all ingredients together until a thick and dense batter forms. Distribute into three parts, bake them for 27-30 minutes.

Cool the cakes and then layer them and frost them with frosting. Add one cake on top of the one with frosting and then repeat with the other. Serve the tasty coconut flour chocolate cake with your favorite drink.

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