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5 Cooking Habit That Could Be Dangerous

Cooling food before putting in the fridge

Bacteria actually grow while at the temperatures of between 5 degrees and to 60 degrees. This explains why defrosting meat and other products outside the fridge is not really a good idea. Also it fives a reason why it is dangerous to leave perishable products outside the fridge for more than 1 hour

Trying food to check if it is spoiled

We all do this, we have different ways to try if a certain food is bad, however what most us do not know is that even a small amount of bacteria can cause a very serious food poisoning. You do not recognize food if it’s bad by appearance or taste, just throw It away if you suspect anything like this

Trying raw dough

Some people have this habit of consuming raw dough or even giving it to kids; you should never eat raw dough especially if it has some raw eggs. There is high chance that it contains bacteria called salmonella which is very dangerous. Raw dough with no egg can contain E. coli which is also not good

Buying brine injected or water added chicken

There has been some information on what kind of chicken is safe for our body; some poultry manufactures inject brine or water in the meat to increase its weight and may be enhance appearance. These additional things can really affect the taste, next time check the chicken and read the ingredients

Exposing honey to high temperature

Most of you love honey; it has a number of advantages to our body. Honey does not have a known expiry date but exposing it to high temperature can decrease its quality and increase in some of the carcinogenic compounds. Just do not add honey to tea and other meals that may be hot.

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