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The most expensive honey which is 100% natural

There is a certain type of honey that you are supposed to eat only one tablespoon. This honey is different from the others and it can get you stoned. Consuming high amounts of this honey can result in you getting seriously poisoned and even die. There has been no any digital record of death from this honey thou.

Beekeepers have to make dangerous vertical climbs just to harvest the honey. The honey sells for about $60-$80 a pound and it is ranked among the most expensive honeys in the whole world.

Honey has a lot of benefits to the human body but the mad honey is different. It is actually a poison that could make you start hallucinating. The honey is 100% natural and is extracted from only 2 places in the whole world. Black Sea region of Turkey and the Himalayas in Nepal. The bee that gathers this honey is larger in size than the normal bees and is also more aggressive.

Locals are able to distinguish mad honey from other honeys because of its sharp burning sensation in the throat. The honey is also referred to as bitter honey and it is untreated and unprocessed. People who have consumed the mad honey says the experience is extremely uncomfortable. It blurs your vision makes you confused and disoriented. It gets you very very high and causes vomiting and diarrhea. Small doses however, the high experience is a pleasant one. 

The toxic effects of this honey last no more than 24 hrs and are rarely fatal.

Mad honey is used as a sexual stimulant. It is a sweet substitute for viagra and is also said to relieve hypertension and provides a burst of energy.

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