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Embracing Traditional Healthy Meals Will Help Us Consume Less Calories

When we talk of traditional foods we mean foods that are grown in our gardens and our grandparents started eating them long ago. This foods contain less calories, saturated fats, they also make our bodies strong and are know to fight diseases

In order to Maintain a healthy weight one is encouraged to eat more of traditional foods than the ones which contain more calories

see below ideas

1.Matoke is very nutritious and has less calories

you can combine it with a market food like beef make sure to have a small portion of it if you are trying to maintain or lose weight.

in all my meals i find myself including a portion of greens

2..Matumbo, pumpkin leaves and brown ugali

pumpkin leaves are good in digestion, they are known to fight cancer, it is also Known to help reduce the sugar level in the blood

3 Delicious plate of creamy chili lime omena, some ugali and some fresh managu.

4.Githeri and some avocado

5.Try some mashed potatoes and egg curry

6,For breakfast try some boiled arrowroots, sweet potatoes and boiled corn

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