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Recipe for Soft and Tasty Mahamri


All purpose baking flour. -2measuring cups.

Sugar. -2 tsp.

Salt. -2 tsp.

Yeast. - 1 tbsp.

Beef. -200gr.

Ginger. -small piece.

Water. - 1 measuring cup

Lemon. -1/4 piece.

Vegetable oil. - 1 tbsp.

Onion. -1 tbsp.

Minced garlic. -1 clove

Paprika. -1tsp.

Black pepper. -1/2 tsp.

Green and red belle pepper. -1/4 pieces

Carrot. -1 tbsp.

Light soy sauce.

Tomato paste. -1 tbsp.

Sugar. -2 tsp.

Method of preparation.

1) Mix warm water plus yeast and cover for 5-10 min then set it aside for it to proof.

2)In a clean pan,add your beef(cut into slices)+ salt + water+ the whole piece of small ginger + lemon juice. Cover then bring to boil until well the meat is tender.

3)When ready,drizzle some oil+ onion+minced ginger+belle pepper+carrot+tomato paste+salt+black pepper+paprika+soy sauce then stir fry. Do not overcook the veggies they should be crunchy..Also there should be no sauce. Set aside to cool.

Dough mixing and stuffing.

1) in the yeast mixture add flour+sugar+salt+ 1tbsp vegetable oil and mix then kind until well combined

2) Kneed the dough until you acquire the correct consistency. Drizzle some veg oil,cover the bowl and set it at a warm temperature for the dough to proof for 30-45 min.

3) When the dough has proofed you are going to place it on your working top and kneed again then portion it to 8 balls and dust your work top to avoid sticking.

4) Roll and ensure that they are not thick nor thin enough to accommodate the beef.

5) Cut the pie into two then place your meat on the 1/4end ,fold it to acquire a triangle shape then start sealing at the edges using your finger tips.

6) Set them aside to proof for 15 min then deep fat fry until golden brown.

[the below diagrams are going to illustrate how to go step by step.]

Serve and enjoy.

Content created and supplied by: deehnailah (via Opera News )


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