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Beware Of This Kind Of Lemons That Are Injected With Chemicals To Look Attractive And Sell Fast

Cases of Kenyans using drugs to make their products attractive has been on the rise of late. People have been indulging on bizarre practices of applying chemicals on meat, fruits, vegetables and even live animals in order to make them more attractive.

Currently, farm products that are on demand in the Kenyan market are ginger, garlic and lemons due to Covid-19 Virus. Shockingly, a patriotic Kenyan decide to expose what some of the vendors are doing in order to make their lemons attractive and sell faster than others.

Frank Njeri shared on his Facebook account claiming that he got very suspicious of a lemon that he bought and noticed funny changes on it. After a few days, it changed from natural green to funny brown and formed grey moulds while still kept at a dry and very well ventilated place.

Below is what he had to say;

This is despite the fact that lemons can stay in a dry place for even months without getting moulds, mostly they dry up and become hard.

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