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Get To Understand Foods That Should Not Be Fed To Babies Below One Year

Babies under the age of one year old should have cared tenderly because they are tender. 

The meal that one feeds them should be monitored as not all foods that are proper for them at that tender age. Here is a list that should not be fed to children below the age of one year.

1. Cow milk

A baby under the age of one should not be fed cow milk as it may result in digestion complications. At this age, a baby needs nutrients such as; vitamins E in which cow milk does not offer. For that reason, breast milk is more important for his or her growth in the first year

2. Salt

A child of below a year old should not be fed salty that is more than 1 grams. This is because a child at that age does not need salt in his/her diet that much. If possible, just avoid feeding him/her any amount of salt.

3. Honey

Since honey is sweet, some mothers may be tempted to feed their under one-year-old bay with it. However, this should not happen at all as Honey is known to sometimes contain the spores of Clostridium botulinum, a bacteria that can cause botulism.While adults' intestinal tracts easily prevent the growth of spores, they can grow quickly,threatening your baby's life.

4.Fruit Juice

Skip the fruit juice for at least the first six months. It's full of sugar and doesn't offer any nutrition you can't find in whole fruit. Plus, little tummies can be sensitive to highly acidic beverages like orange juice.

If you are reaching for juice, go with something better for soft stomachs -- pear, apple or grape -- and dilute it with some water.

5.Refined Grains

Refined, or "white," grains are stripped of much of their natural nutrients during the refining process. Babies are better off with 100-percent whole grain bread, pasta, cereals, rice, and crackers.

6.Sugar and Candies.

Sugary sweets and candies present a three-fold problem for babies; they're loaded with sugar, which can alter the developing taste foundations in your little one -- not to mention keep them up all night more than they already are.

Many candies -- M&M's, Skittles and other hard candies, also present a choking hazard.


Chocolate is one of the most unsafe foods for babies, as it contains caffeine. You would never want to feed your infant caffeine, would you? Digesting solids is yet another milestone babies go through in their first year, and you need to make sure that the little ones are far from any tummy-trouble. Also, chocolate has a lot of sugar content, which is not suitable for your baby until he/she turns a year old, after which it should be fed in moderation.

8.Berries/Citrus fruit

Although citrus fruits and berries are essential for our bodies, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, oranges, limes, etc. have high levels of acid and Vitamin C which can cause an iffy stomach and even lead to rashes in the diaper area. A good suggestion is to wait for a year or so, or maybe juice up the fruits and dilute them well to prevent allergic reactions or upset stomach

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