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The Best Non Brooding Chicken Breeds Which Continuously Lay Up to 300 Eggs Per Year in Kenya

Chicken farming in Kenya is one of the most profitable business venture one should consider investing in. Finding the correct breed of chicken for the correct purpose is usually a challenge to many farmers. For instance, if one is interested purely in selling eggs, they should rare chicken breeds which are excellent layers and do not brood easily so that there is a continuous supply of eggs. Below are the best egg laying chicken with rare or no Brooding capabilities ;

Golden Comet

This is one of the chicken breeds which is an excellent egg layer. It can approximately lay up to 300 Eggs annually without going broody. It should be chosen carefully since many other chicken breeds look similar to it.

White Leghorn

The White Leghorn is a good egg laying breed which can lay up to approximately 300 Eggs annually. This breed has a distinct white color and hence it is easy to spot and buy one. They rarely go broody.


The Australorp is a breed of black chicken popularly known for egg production. It can also reach up to 300 Eggs annually if well fed but they sometimes go broody.


Hybrid chicken is a new breed obtained from cross breeding excellent egg layers so that a better egg laying breed is obtained. Some of them can lay more than 300 eggs annually.

Rhode Island White

The Rhode Island White is an excellent egg layer with an output of up to 280 eggs per year. It is commonly kept in many homes.

Rhode Island red

This is the cousin to the Rhode Island White and it has an excellent egg output of more than 280 eggs annually. The Rhode Island Breeds rarely go broody.

In order to be a successful poultry farmer who is keen on supplying eggs, an individual should know which breed of chicken is best for which purpose.

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Golden Comet Kenya White Leghorn


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