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Just Put An Egg In A Tomato And You Will Be Amazed

These are dining times and we would love to prepare a tomato Burger. We need 3 tomatoes, chives, mayonnaise, 50g mozzarella, olive oil, salt, pepper and 50g cheese.

Cut the three tomatoes. You should do the cutting horizontally and near the top as shown below.

After cutting the three tomatoes, and use your spoon to empty them. This will create room for our ingredients that will be emptied into the tomato.

Get your knife and chop the chives into very small pieces. And place them into the freed empty pieces of tomato.

Get your 50g mozzarella and cut it into small squared pieces. Place them on top of the chives.

Crack your three eggs and empty them into the tomato. One by one.

Get a clean and dry cooking glass bowl. Brush the bowl with olive oil. Get your other halves and place them at the bottom of your cooking bowl. Place your other filled halves on top of each half and arrange them properly.

Add salt and pepper to each of those tomatoes. Sprinkle chives onto each half. Add mayonnaise to each half as well. Get your 50g cheese. Get your crater and crate your mayonnaise. Sprinkle your mayonnaise onto each of the tomatoes.

You are good to go. Bake for 25 minutes at a temperature of 200 degree centigrade( 392 f ). Your tomato burger is ready. Serve while warm .

How do you find our recipe and meal? Delicious? What would you like us to prepare ?

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