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How Cook Soft Chapatis at Home, Procedures


It is said that Kenyans chapati is not that difficult to prepare, but one needs to practice in order to get the right ratio of water and flour. Kenyan Chapatis is typically served at festival occasions and celebrations in Kenya. It can be prepared in two ways, direct chapati or layered chapati, where dough is shaped into a rope, the dough is then pressed and rolled in order to flatten it before baking.


3 cups of flour

One and half cups of warm water

One tablespoon of sugar

Vegetable oil for frying


The first and foremost thing is that, add three cups of self raising flour in bowl. Then add salt, sugar and two tablespoons of oil and one and half cups of water in separate jar or bowl and stir until the salt and sugar dissolves.

Next step keep kneading for ten minutes and add flour if needed until the dough becomes non sticky. Add two to three tablespoon of oil and continue kneading until the oil mixes well and the dough is soft. Cover the dough for about 40 minutes.

Next, start rolling each of the coil like shape doughs with the rolling pin to form a circular shape chapati.

In a hot pan, place the rolled out circular chapati and fry each side with little oil until it is golden brown on medium heat. Place your cooked chapati in a flat plate and cover with aluminium foil.

Repeat this process with the rest of the coil like dough. Serve with your favourite stew.

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