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Minicheps Wow The Internet After Sharing This Photo

The Milk crate challenge has been going viral throughout social media account platforms. Videos of people trying to walk over the crates. The main aim of the milk crate challenge is that someone must walk up and down a pyramid shaped stack of crates without falling.

Doctors world wide have warned people from taking part in the challenge claiming that it is a risk since many people have ended up bruising themselves as others die as they attempted the challenge.

Using the analogy of the challenge, mincheps who is famous content Creator photo shopped one of Kenya's common snack which is popularly known by the name "kangumu" In the photo, she arranged them just as the milk crates are arranged. Here is the photo that she shared on her Instagram account page.

On her caption, she wrote saying that the challenge had become hard just as the type of snacks that she chose to use in her photo. Netizens reacted to this post as majority of them acknowledged her creativity when it comes to content creation. Check out on the reactions that were made on social media.

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