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Cooking Tips To Save You From Wasting Foodstuffs At Home

Follow these cooking tips to make you enjoy your cooking at home:

1. Cooking oil always tastes the type of food that was cooked in the cooking oil previously and this may make the cooking oil not to be good to be reused. To make cooking oil not to taste the food it was cooked in it previously, cook a small piece of ginger like 1/4 in the cooking oil. This will remove any remaining flavours and odours of the previous food cooked in the cooking oil making it good to be reused.

2. At times when you warm your soup or stew it may become sour. If this happens, add a little piece of charcoal in the soup or stew then remove the charcoal immediately after warming the soup or the stew. Doing this will help in restoring the taste of the soup or the stew.

Source: Hello fresh

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