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Why Mutura is Mostly Sold Near Bars And Always In The Evening Hours

Why is mutura business is usually operated in the evening hours? Mutura is mostly said to be a Kenyan snack (African Sausage) for many people. It's usually made from blood or intestines of cows and goats. Many people are usually in love with this and those who sell mutura term it as a very profitable business idea which many individuals are not aware of. In your perception why do you think mutura is sold in the evening and mostly near bars? Kindly add your reason as comment.

Many people and especially those who don't consume mutura think it's usually sold in the evening hours due to its dirt. Others say it's because it's usually prepared in dirty places by individuals who are so dirty and they do this because they are usually invisible in this time. Talking the reality and for the love of this business, mutura business is usually conducted in the evening hours targeting its customers.

Those who sell mutura operate in the evening hours so as to attract the low income earners who usually go very early in the morning for job and paid in the evening on daily basis. They believe this people to be always tired and would enjoy getting a cheap piece of mutura. Remember meat is always expensive when compared to mutura. Mutura business operators usually set their bases near bars because they believe mutura have a cooling effect to drunk people. This will always make them get an urge to purchase frequently, they also believe drunk individual are always very kind and loyal and they will purchase more and even buy for their friends or passer by.

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African Kenyan Mutura


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