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Kienyeji Is The Ideal Money Maker Chicken Variety, See Why

Farming Kienyeji chicken is becoming popular in Kenya nowadays because the chicken is considered organic and consequently the desired healthy choice.

Kienyeji chicken farming is a profitable venture. Kienyeji chicken may be profitable in case you run your chicken farming organisation like a business, with a proper hen business plan. In this article, we have a look at precisely that. How to make your hen farming really worth your money and time.

There are several reasons why farmers consider kienyeji chicken.

Easy to begin- It may be very easy to begin rearing Kienyeji chicken. Not much preliminary capital is required, especially in case you are doing it as a hobby or trial. Getting one poultry(male bird) and two hens are enough to start. When the hens begin laying, let them sit on eggs. If each chicken hatches 10 chicks, and is permit to brood them for 2 months, then lay for every other month, you must have at least 60 fowl at the end of the year. Assuming zero mortality and no bird is disposed of, you ought to have hundreds of Kienyeji chicken by one year.

Their hardiness- Kienyeji bird are recognised to be hardy. They have better resistance to sickness than hybrid bird. When it involves feeding, they are able to forage for their personal feed. Some breeds are regarded to have the potential to survive on agricultural waste on their own. With hybrid bird have to feed on a nicely balanced nicely- formulated feed ration throughout in an effort to acquire maximum productivity.

Increased call for for Kienyeji eggs and Kienyeji meat- As Kenyans come to be extra health- aware, there is improved call for for Kienyeji eggs and meat. They are considered to be more healthy. The developing niches consisting of in simple terms free- range hen, antibiotic- unfastened chickens, progressed kienyeji chicken, and many others.

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