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Learn How to Cook Mushrooms Easily Today

Learn How to Cook Mushrooms Easily.

Mushroom is becoming a common meal with the passing days. If you eat mushrooms, you can't deny that it is a delicacy. Learn how to improve your mushrooms while cooking. 


1. You can use roasted mushrooms for better results.

2. Use Butter and Olive Oil: The combination of the two adds great flavor and makes a difference to oil alone.

3. Do Not Crowd the Pan: If you crowd the pan your mushrooms will simmer in their juices rather than caramelize.

4. Do Not Stir Too Much: The key to caramelized mushrooms is allowing the mushrooms to form a crust. This means that you need to let them sit on one side without stirring.

5. Turn Up the Heat: Add additional flavors such as wine or Worcestershire sauce in small quantities while the pan is very hot.

Steps to Follow

- soak your mushrooms for two hours in plenty of water to remove dirt and mud if any. 

- Add your salt and munyu to one pot. You can use musherekha. Musherekha is a natural food tenderizer that is obtained from dry banana peels, dried maize cobs, or dried beans husks. After they dry you burn the ashes to make munyu. 

- Add water to the pot with other ingredients and bring it to boil. 

- Add mushrooms once it has boiled. Continue boiling for some more time. 

- Fry onions. Use spring onions. 

- Add tomatoes and allow them to cook.

- Add your mushrooms and stir to mix. 

- Add your milk or cream and cover it for about 30minutes. 

- Remove from the heat and serve with some hot ugali and traditional vegetables. 

Content created and supplied by: wangecikiundu (via Opera News )

Butter Olive Oil Pan


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