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Secrets Behind Black Spotted Bananas Many Have Never Realised

Are black spots on bananas bad for you?Normal black spots on bananas means that the fruit is ripe and the acid within has been converted to sugar.On the other hand the fruit is at its peak of sweetness and it is just a matter of preference by most people.

Bananas just like other fruits contains high levels of antioxidants which aid in protecting the cells from damage caused by oxidation and reduces also the odds of cancer and similar complications that might result.

Bananas are also an effective source of energy.The average banana simply contains over 100 calories and roughly 27 grams of carbohydrates hence making perfect snack for ongoing energy.

Like most other fruits,bananas are also source of vitamin c.In addition to its commonly praised role of boosting the immune system,vitamin c also is good in building and repairing of various body parts.

Bananas also are diabetic friendly food since upon consumption,the type of sugar in banana help to regulate carbohydrates digestion in the body allowing blood pressure to remain staple.

Letting bananas sit on the counter for along time to ripen fully,they will have a higher antioxidant levels which means better immune strengthening for your body and a higher white blood cells count.

According to research,yellow-skinned bananas with black spots were found to be 8 times more effective at enhancing cancer-fighting properties of white blood cells than their green-skinned counterparts.Generally yellow bananas with black spots are simply good for your health.

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