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Here is How Much You Can Earn Per Day From Selling Mandazis in Your Estate

Selling snacks is a very profitable business, especially in estates and along busy roads with good flow of people. On Friday I chatted one popular mandazi seller in my residential neighbourhood and here's is what you need to know about the business and how much you can earn per day from selling Mandazis in your residential estate.

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To begin a mandazi business, you first need a temporary stall along a busy road or just an open place where people can easily spot you. If you can afford a permanent shop, then well and good, but I'd suggest a stall to reduce expenditures. The next things you'll need are a deep frying pan, a big spoon with pores and a fire source. In most cases, mandazis are deep fried using fire sources that use firewood. So, in your stall or shop you can make your self the three stones cooker.

Ingredients for mandazi are wheat flour, cooking oil, baking or yeast, salt and sugar. Some people even use extra ingredients such as eggs and blueband to attract more customers. The former are however the most important.


Profitability in mandazi business mostly depends on first the appearance of your mandazis from distance and how many first customers you've been able to retain. Retained customers usually refer more customers to businesses, a reason why you should always adhere to your quality and hygiene.

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A two kg packet of flour goes for 130 shillings in most retail shops. The number of mandazis made from one packet however depends on the size of your mandazis, which also determines your prices. A packet can give like 50 -100 five shillings mandazis and half the quantity for ten shilling mandazis. If you for example decide to make 5 shillings mandazis, one packet would give you back (5×100) which is 500 shillings.

Removing expenses from the 500 bob including the price of wheat flour will leave you with about 250 in profit (Considering the fact that you can not use all ingredients at once in just a 2kg wheat flour packet) This implies that if you increase your customer base to an extent that you can bake 5 -2kg packets per day, you'd make approximately (250×5)= 1,250 per day. This profit could be higher or lower depending on the size and prices of your mandazis. The profit could also vary based on the cost of your ingredients. So, I suggest for a start, just use simple ingredients, until your are able to budget for your upgrades.

Mandazi business as I had mentioned earlier is a very profitable one. You don't need too much money to begin one. While running the business, you must always stay clean and make your mandazis presentable. You never know, you could become a millionaire out of selling Mandazis. Thank you for reading.

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