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Simplest way of Cooking Omena in Milk

This is the simplest way of Cooking omena in milk


1. Cooking Oil

2. Omena

3. Onions

4. Tomatoes

5. Royco cubes (1 or 2 depending na Amount)

3. Milk

4. Lemon

Cooking process

Look for Deep Fried Omena. They are easy to find. Wash them with hot water at least 3 times. Heat your cooking oil in a sufuria or pan. Add your onions. Let them cook to your desired state. I prefer crunchy.

After that put your tomatoes and Royco cube and cover the pan for the tomatoes to cook completely. Next put your omena and stir. Cover the pan again for like 3 minutes. This is mainly to help the Omenas get the tomatoes and Royco flavor.

Now add your milk. The amount of milk again depends with the amount of your Omenas. On average it should be like 333 milliliters. cover the pan again for like 2 mins.

And squeeze in Lemon. This is done if the Omenas are still somehow bitter. Serve with steaming hot ugali or accompaniment of your choice. This might be dubed "Omena Njeri" but it is very tasty. 

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