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Chakula Kitaungua: Fans React After African Princess Nandy Uses This Method To Cook Food

Tanzanian female artist Nandy, has impressed most of her fans as the artist humbled herself, up to a point whereby, she cooked in an open Kitchen.

Nandy, seemed to have visited her mother, who no doubt, still relied on firewood and three stones for cooking her meals. Hence, the Tanzanian artist recorded herself as she struggled to cope with the old school cooking approach.

The female actress, complained time and time again as smoke from the burning wood made her eyes turn red. Nandy who was finding it hard to even stir the food, also realized the need to own gas cookers.

According to Nandy, the person who invented gas cookers, did not get enough praise for his intelligent work. "The person who invented gas cookers should be given adequate protection."

"Anyway, kwa mama jamani, uhalisia ndio wetu. Ila mama jamani, I love her." Nandy said. Nandy's mother who seemed to have forced the female artist into cooking using the old ways, urged her daughter not to overcook the food.

Fans, who reacted, praised the female artist's humble nature, as not many female celebrities, would have agreed to do what she did.

Content created and supplied by: BobMurimiNdwiga (via Opera News )

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