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Drink One Spoonful of Olive Oil With Lemon Juice, on an Empty Stomach And Reap These Health Benefits

Extra virgin olive oil has been proven to be one of the healthiest cooking oils. Over the years, this amazing oil has been used both in the beauty and medical world to maintain your general well-being. It's demand has increased in the past few years, since majority of people have seen it's health benefits.

Studies have shown that drinking a spoonful of Olive Oil with a dash of lemon juice, on an empty stomach is very essential to your health. Lemon juice is added to enhance the taste or make olive oil palatable and also to boost your digestive system.

Here are the health benefits of consuming this mixture.

* Facilitates weight loss

A mixture of extra virgin olive oil with a few drops of lemon juice, has the ability to accelerate your metabolic rate and also helps to breakdown excess body fats. Olive oil also has oleic acid, which gives you a feeling of fullness.

* Reduces inflammation

A spoonful of Olive oil with a dash of lemon juice is highly enriched with anti inflammatory properties, which have the ability to reduce inflammation in your body, thus protecting your against joint and rheumatic pain.

* Prevents colon cancer

Studies indicate that, drinking a spoonful of Olive oil on an empty stomach, has the ability to prevent the formation of harmful free radicals in your body, due to it's antioxidant properties, hence, reducing the growth and spread of cancerous tumors in your colon.

* Nourishes your skin

Lemon juice and Olive oil are highly filled with antioxidant properties, which nourishes your skin and also prevent premature aging. This gives you a glowing and youthful skin.

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