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How to prepare mursik

First of all, what comes to your mind when you hear the word mursik? Mursik is a traditional fermented milk variant of the Kalenjin people of Kenya. It can be made from cow or goat milk and is fermented in a specially made calabash gourd locally known as a 'sotet'. 

In this article i am going to show you how to prepare mursik for 4 people.


1 litre fresh milk(cow milk)

500 ml mala (fermented milk)

Sooter (itet)

How to prepare mursik


1. Boil fresh cow milk (strictly unprocessed / pasteriuzed) and allow it cool completely.

2. Add mala preferably kcc(this is not amust but highly recommended to fasten the process)

3. Thoroughly mix the mala to the milk Pour the mixture gourd(sotet) to a complete with a special soot from a tree called itet and allow it to rest for two days

4. Shake the sotet properly before pouring the mursik.

5. Enjoy with a plate of millet ugali n soik (manangu)

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