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Getting A Good Meal In Nairobi Is Becoming Expensive

Nairobi is tough. It is one of the most expensive cities to live in. Hunger, the stomach is an ungrateful organ it does not remember what you gave it yesterday, it wants more tomorrow. For most Nairobi residents poverty is a normal routine. Eating in Nairobi is like gambling, getting it is not guaranteed because money is needed everywhere.

Raising a family in Nairobi requires the ultimate sacrifice from parents, a grown-up can withstand an empty stomach for a while but a child wants food immediately after hunger strikes. This has pushed many residents to work day and night to get money. But we all know money does not come easy. In fact, money in Nairobi is slippery it does not stay in the hands for too long.

Ugali and kales or spinach are the most common delicacy on people's tables. Beans and rice are also popular. These foods are expensive to get sometimes especially when the pockets are completely dry. Some people buy bread and divide it into three meals a day. It may seem strange but this is the reality on the ground. The tax on bread was recently increased and this could deny some people a meal if the prices remain high.

Cooking is another expense buying gas is almost 4,000 shillings and refilling is 1000 shillings. For those that use a stove, paraffin is 100 shillings a liter. Cooking oil is 150 shillings. You will need to consider these costs every time you think of putting that sufuria on fire. When the family is big you might buy more which is also the reality on the ground. An average Kenyan family has 4 members.

The rate of unemployment is torturing the already stressed economy and with the tax rates set to go higher, we can only expect the worst. However, Kenyans are resilient they somehow make ends meet but some don't get lucky. Thanks for reading follow and share your thoughts by commenting.

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