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Don't Confuse Dinner With Supper, Here Is The Difference Between The Two

Most people including me have been confusing these terms dinner and supper to be the same. I used to tell people, let's go and have dinner tonight and at sometimes I used the term supper knowing that all these terms mean the food eaten at night. But after reading more from the books and definitions this is what I learnt about the two terms which I will share with you so as not to confuse them. Let's start with dinner.


Dinner is the most significant meal of the day mostly at noon or in the evening and can also be considered as the first meal of the day. This means that dinner is also a larger meal eaten at noon which was called earlier meals before changing to dinner.

Here are different types of dinner you should also know.

1.Thanksgiving Dinner.

This is a dinner that can be eaten in a thanks giving ceremonies in church, at home for either thanking God for the life or thanking individuals for a certain reason. People always come together and share this dinner.

2.A full-course dinner.

This is the main course dinner that is taken at noon with everybody and consists of many types of food.

3.Christmas dinner.

It takes place any time from the evening of Christmas Eve to the evening of Christmas Day itself. Family and friends come together and have dinner while celebrating Christmas Eve.

3.Dinner Date.

This is where couples meet and have their dinner together outside their house. This means that couples go out to places like hotels, resorts are clubs to have their dinner there.


Supper is a secondary lighter evening meal and the last meal for the day before going to bed. It is taken after dinner and can sometimes be called the last supper.

That's what I learnt so feel free to add a comment like and share. Blessed Sunday.

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