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Cooking Recipes


Procedure For soft layered chapatis


2kg all-purpose flour

2tbs salt

2tbs sugar

3tbs cooking oil ya kukanda

Warm water for beginners or hot water for experts


Add the 3tbs of cooking oil and use the rub-in method to rub the oil against the flour until you get a fluffy wet flour result.

Add in your salt and sugar the measurements are 50/50 so that you can use your chapati both for breakfast and meals.

Get busy while kneading until you get that elastic stretch or until there are no dough residues in your basin (5min).

Your dough is ready, now take a kitchen towel ( clean) and dampen with water. Use it to cover the dough for at least 30min.

After 30min divide your dough into 12 equal balls. Here you will need two damp kitchen towels. One towel will cover the 12 balls and the other will cover the rolled-out and oiled 24 balls.

On a clean equal flat surface roll out one ball at a time, spread 1tbs of oil, divided into 2, and roll in the two balls. Do this with all the 12 balls

Now with chapatis, we work systematically. Start with the 1st ball and roll it out into a nice round chapati with your pan already heated.

Place the rolled out chapati on your pan and cook for 5 secs without oil on each side and then you can oil to brown to your desired color.

Repeat with all 24 balls until you are done. Serve hot or as desired.

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