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10 African Countries That Eat Ugali

Arguably the most popular dish in Africa, Ugali is eaten across several countries, including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Nigeria, Botswana, Congo, Zimbabwe, Somalia and Malawi. Even though it is most commonly made of cornmeal, other flours like millet and sorghum are also used. It is cooked in boiling water or milk until it reaches a stiff or firm dough like consistency. In 2017, the dish was added to the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, one of a few foods on the list. It is also known as n'sima, oshifima oruhere, ngima, obusuma, obuchima, kimnyet, mieliepap, phutu, sadza, kuon, gauli, gina, isitshwala, unugali, umitsima, sima and other names.

The dish is also eaten in some West African states being called Fufu and usually served with vegetable stew. The food is delicious and we always look forward to eating it, one can not go more than a week without putting this delicacy on the menu.

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