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Dangers Of Washing Raw Meat With Water And What To Use Instead.

Raw meat is commonly washed in water before being prepared, as reported by Healthline. The common practice of rinsing raw meat with water before cooking may seem safe, but it fact offers serious health risks.

While washing raw meat with water, harmful germs that may be present on the surface may be splattered onto nearby foods and surfaces. Cross-contamination also raises the risk of food poisoning, and waterlogging the meat can diminish its flavor.

Instead of rinsing raw meat in water before eating it, thoroughly dry it with a paper towel or clean cloth. That way, you may drain the water without worrying about spreading bacteria.

Marinating meat before cooking is a terrific way to get tender, tasty meat without having to wash it first.

The prevention of contamination requires the same degree of caution when handling raw meat. Cleaning hands thoroughly before and after handling meat is also an important part of this.

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