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Royal Media's Jeridah Andayi Breaks Silence After Consuming Poisoned Food, Reveals Her Condition

Royal Media's Jeridah Andayi has disclosed via her Facebook social media account that she is currently fine three days after consuming prepared food at Royal Media grounds.

"Thank you to everyone who texted, called, left a voicemail, or sent an email. I feel fine. We feel good. All is good. Things go wrong. That's life, too. Grace of God From @radiocitizenfm in #Pambazuka, good morning. After a brief pause, back on the air." She composed.

Food can get contaminated at any stage of production, including planting, harvesting, processing, storing, transporting, and preparation. The cause is frequently cross-contamination, which is the movement of dangerous organisms from one surface to another. This is particularly problematic for meals that are raw and ready to consume, such salads or other produce. These foods aren't cooked, thus dangerous microorganisms aren't eliminated before consumption and can result in food poisoning.

Food poisoning, often known as a foodborne illness, is an ailment brought on by consuming tainted food. The most frequent causes of food poisoning are infectious organisms or their toxins, such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

Food can get contaminated by infectious organisms or their poisons at any stage of processing or production. If food is handled or cooked improperly at home, contamination can also happen.

After consuming the contaminated food, signs and symptoms may appear right away or they may take days or even weeks to manifest. Food poisoning-related illness typically lasts a few hours to several days.

Symptoms of food poisoning, which can appear hours after consuming tainted food, frequently include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Food poisoning usually only causes mild symptoms that go away on their own. However, some patients require hospitalization.

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