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5 benefits of "Mursik", charcoal sour milk delicacy popular in Kalenjin community in Kenya

When it comes to food preference in kenya each community have their unique and favorite type of food.Luo community are known for fish but when it comes to the part of rift valley it is "Mursik" which is a traditional fermented milk found within the Kalenjin community in Kenya.This type of soured milk is so different with the rest of other community's fermented due to it's unique ingredients.

It is made from cow or goat milk and is fermented in a specially made calabash gourd locally known as a "sotet" in kalenjin dialect.The gourd is lined with smoke and charcoal from specific trees, then after putting the charcoal in the gourd you pour a fresh boiled and cooled milk inside.

With the charcoal powder inside the milk will be having a black spotted color in its cream colour.The gourd is closed ad left in a dark and cool room for 3 to 4 days for fermentation to take place then the black soured milk is ready for use.This type of fermented milk has been cherished and its preparation inherited for centuries among the kalenjin community due to the following benefits.


Usually most people don't like the taste of the cream in the milk so by adding desired charcoal , gives a good flavor and taste.

2. Odour.

Some milk have smell and different odour that might be disgusting due to the milk handling during milking.The charcoal will absorb the smell since it is a carbon hence the smell will be long gone.


When charcoal is added it brings a change and desired colour than that of the whitey and creamy boring colour.Most people prefer the dark spotted color than the creamy color.

5.Medicinal purpose.

The charcoal in the fermented milk has been believed to serve as a medicine treating stomach upset in Kalenjin community.This is because the carbon in the charcoal absorbs all toxin but cannot be absorbed in the body so it will bind with all food toxins in the stomach and later become as a waste for long call.

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