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Here are Simple Ways to Check if Milk in Your Glass is Pure

Milk is an important commodity in many households. It contains essential nutrients which play key roles in the body when consumed. But, are we sure the milk we buy and consume is pure?

Currently, the milk business is growing rapidly in our country, with milk machines being installed up in almost every estate or within the supermarkets. We have heard stories of milk being added wheat flour, water, margarine, formalin and other thing in order to increase the volume and quantity in milk. The added detergents can lead to severe effects on health if taken for a long time. The health problems include, food poisoning, gastrointestinal complications, impairment, heart problems, cancer and even death.

Here are simple tests you can use to verify if milk bought is pure;

1. Pour little milk on slanted surface and let it flow down, if it leaves a trail behind, it indicates the milk is not pure.

2. Add 2 tablespoon of salt to 5ml of milk, if starch is added to it, the mixture will turn blue.

3. Milk which is not pure, can easily be identified by it's bad taste and odour.

4. If added soap, you can wrap little amount in you hand and if it is slippery it indicates that that milk is not pure.

By testing it will help you to select the vendor who sells quality milk.

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