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6 Surprising Uses Of Salt, Apart From Adding Taste To Food

1. Helps prevent oil from splashing while frying. Whether you are a cooking enthusiast or not, chances are you also agree with the fact that oil pops up is no small nuisance that can stain our favorite garment or hurt us. A great way to prevent the oil from splashing from the pot or pan is by spreading a pinch of salt into the oil while heating it.

2. Acts as an odor diffuser. Fill the shell you took with salt and place it in one of the corners of the house. The salt helps to absorb the liquids left in the shell and maintains their odor over time. To enhance the pleasant scent, you can even pour about 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil -  such as lavender, myrtle, jasmine and more - into the peel.

3. Copper vessel cleaner. The cleaning of copper vessels can be an exhausting and often frustrating craft given the fact that we do not always manage to remove all the stains completely. But instead of looking for dedicated industrial cleaners, you can quickly solve the problem by brushing them with a homemade solution consisting of a teaspoon of salt and half a squeezed lemon. The acid in the lemon together with the texture of the salt will easily remove the stubborn stains, and the spice will even contribute to the disinfection of the dirty dish.

4. Prevents dripping of wax from candles. Candlelight can soak up a particularly romantic atmosphere on the house, but at the same time the candle wax can also drip on the floor and furniture if only "dare" to move the candle even slightly. So that you can remove from your heart any fear of wax stains, soak the candle in a bowl with 2 cups of water and ½ a tablespoon of salt for 24 hours. Then, let the candle dry completely, and the next time you light it you will find that the dissolved wax does not leak in such a large amount.

5. Optimizes the treatment against dandruff. If you suffer from dandruff, it is recommended that you scrub your hair with a little salt before you start washing with a dedicated shampoo. Aside from its antiseptic properties, the roughness of the salt allows us to scrape the scales with it and remove them almost completely, which increases the effectiveness of the shampoo.

6. Eliminates ants. Whether it is a private home or a building, ants can be a bundle of trouble - it is enough not to notice some food crumbs that have fallen on the floor and within a few hours it may be full of them. To avoid mental anguish, a saline solution can be prepared in a ratio of 1: 4 in favor of the water and sprayed on the floor of the front door, on the windowsills and on cracks in the walls. The solution does not kill the ants, but simply serves as a deterrent that prevents them from passing through various openings.

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