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'Mursik' And How To Prepare It

Mursik is quite familiar with people from the Rift Valley. It is made from goat milk or cow milk that has to be fermented and stored in a gourd.

Also, the gourd has to be lined with soot that has to come from burning a specific tree.Nowadays, wattle tree is preferably used.


Normally, cow's milk is used and rarely goat's or sheep's milk. The milk is fermented in specially seasoned gourds that are pretreated with smoke and charcoal from specific trees.

The milk hs to be boiled and then cooled to ambient temperature and then it is poured to the gourd.

The gourd is placed in a cool place to undergo fermentation for at least five to four days.

Fermentation happens through the help of lactic acid bacteria, yiest and mould species.

The inside of the gourd is smeared with charcoal, that is why you see gray or black particles when you pour your milk.

The charcoal has its effects. It lines the inside of the guard thus making it airtight by reducing porosity.

The smoke from the embers is a preservative. It prevents bacteria from multiplying which would cause the special milk to spoil while also allowing the milk to go sour naturally.

Also, the charcoal smoke gives the milk a unique flavour.

Since the gourd is airtight, the milk can be preserved for even a while months.

Now you know what 'mursik' by the Kalenjins is including everything that surrounds its becoming.

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