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7 Tools that Should Never Miss in the Kitchen

Chef knife

This is a unique kind of a knife that is large in size and sharp, its main purpose is to cut through meat that involves bones or even giant vegetables. Apart from this, you can also use it to chop salad, steak and other foods. One of its advantages is that they are large and comfortable when using. 

Cutting board

It is very important because it reduces the chances of getting hurt and makes it easy to chop vegetables and meat easily especially in large amounts. the one made from silicon or bamboo are the most preferred, wood material is also good but if exposed to water for a long time the wood might weaken and the cutting board becomes dark

Vegetable pillar

It is very important to advance to using this tool other than using a knife to peel vegetable and fruits. Such a tool is very important because it gets rid of the peels with accuracy compared to using the knife. It is also very safe and easy to use, you just need to get used to it

Mixing bowl

It is very important to have various mixing bowls with different volumes or size but in similar shape. They usually come in rounded edges or base that makes it easy to mix your ingredients. It is also advisable you go for the metallic ones because they are durable, easy to handle and comfortable


The metallic one is a traditional one but some people still use it, there are those made of plastic and they are clean and very easy to use. A metallic one had its advantages too because apart from grating it can also do some peeling. Just choose what you feel comfortable with and also consider the size of your family

Metal tongs

This one is very important when cooking a steak, roasting or even handling food in the microwave oven. It holds you food in a way that it cannot slip and it has long holders to keep your hands away from the heat. This tool helps you to turn the food and its ingredients for better cooking

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