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Here is Why You Should Feed Your Chicken With Potato Peels

Chicken needs good feed full of Nutrients and minerals fro the to grow healthy and strong. To make your chicken give quality meat and eggs they need to fed well. The feeds full of Nutrients can help them not to fall sick frequently.

Have told you more on chicken rearing and what to feed them and in this article am going to tell you why you should not throw away the potato peels instead give them to the chicken to eat.

The potato peels are rich in fiber which is good for digestion. Sometimes chicken do suffer indigestion you can feed them the potato peels to help them with indigestion.

Potato peels have Ascorbic acid which is vitamin C good for your chicken as it can improve in their immunity levels and also ascorbic acid is good since it's an antioxidant that helps to heal the wounds internally and externally.

The vitamin C in the potato peels can help your chicken in growth and development since the help to increase the immunity level. The vitamin C also will help strength the bones of the chicken if they lack enough calcium.

If you feed the chicks the potato peels will help them to grow healthy and strong and there bones will be strong as they grow since their immunity might be low the potato peels will help them increase the immunity due to the presence of vitamin C in the peels.

How to give them.

Cut the peels into small pieces so that the chicken will find it easy to swallow. You can mix them with feeds or you can just give them like that on there own.

But the best option is to give them on there own so that all the Nutrients will be absorbed well to the body. Hope you will find this article interesting.

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