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Details Of The World's Most Expensive Coffee Obtain From Asian Civets Stools

Kopi Luwak is the worlds' most expensive coffee. It is harvested from the faeces of civet(an Asian cat). The faeces contains partially fermented coffee and when these faecal matter are collected? They are cleaned and roasted to obtain coffee with coffee content of 0.47%. Normal coffee contains a coffee content of 0.70% while roasted coffee contains 0.67%. The main reason for obtaining these defecations from civets is their quality of fermentation.

It is reported that a kilogram of precessed coffee from these civets costs 1300$ which when converted to Kenyan shillings it will approximately come to Ksh 130000. The alternative way of obtaining coffee of such quality is through fermentation of coffee beans to a right standard. Fermenting coffee reduces the coffee content and also increases the quality. The taste of Kopi Luwak is described to be that one of a chocolate and most of the rich, high, and mighty prefer Kopi Luwak.

In the digestive system of civets, enzymes are produced that convert the protein chain in the smaller chain. In this regard, the best coffee flavors are obtained. It should be remembered that the gastric enzymes digests the pulp and not the core of the coffee beans and therefore the core can be obtained from the faeces.

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