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What is Mursik and How is it Prepared.

'Mursik' is a traditional fermented milk variant of the Kalenjin people of Kenya. It is made from cow or goat's milk in a specific calabash gourd referred by Kalenjins as 'Sotet.'

The gourd is then lined with soot of specific trees which adds flavour to the fermented milk.

'Mursik' started as way of preserving milk because during the early days, there was no fridge.

The drink has been made popular by athletes who take a sip of it on return to Kenya from athletics which are held in different countries in the world.

'Mursik' has been believed to help in digestion and reduce stomach bloating.

Before preparing 'Mursik', you have to make sure that the gourd is clean and dry. To improve the taste of the milk, coat the inside of the gourd with a black charcoal. Burn the branch of a tree and coat it inside a gourd. Excessive charcoal is poured and the gourd is then ready for use.

The milk is then prepared by boiling and allowed to cool before it is poured into a gourd and covered with a tight lid made of sewn cowhide decorated with beads and cowrie shells. It is then left for four to five days for it to ferment. Water is then poured and 'Sosiot' is then used to stir the milk to give it an even texture as butter tends to float at the top. You can then drink it with your favourite meal and in most cases it it is normally taken with Ugali.

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