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5 Popular Foods That Can Do More Harm Than Good

Apple cider vinegar

Despite the fact that it hasn’t been confirmed whether this ingredient helps with weight loss or not, many people still drink it as a regular part of their diet. But they should know that this liquid is highly acidic and can upset the stomach and cause bloating, it can also cause nausea, throat burns, damage to the teeth and can even lead to bone loss.

 Baby cut carrots

Large carrots go through a process of size reduction to be turned into an appealing snack. The end product might sometimes have fewer vitamins than normal carrots. If the store doesn’t keep raw baby-cut carrots in cold conditions or you’ve noticed that they’ve become dry, this can mean that their nutrients are reduced too. Consider regular unpeeled carrots and prepare them at home just to be on the safe side.

Reduced-fat peanut butter

The reduced-fat peanut butter would have roughly the same amount of calories as a regular jar but in the low-fat ones, the fat is often replaced with processed fillers and sugars. It is the best to enjoy the natural, full-fat variant in moderation since it contains more healthy nutrients.

Whole grain bread

Although the white bread seems healthier but it can also contain as much as 20 ingredients, preservatives, high amount salt or sugar. Some of the store bought whole grain versions can still be loaded with white refined flour. In order to get all the useful benefits if grains, you should try to bake your own bred at home.

Rice cakes 

They are somehow lower in calories but they barely contain any nutrients or vitamins, eating them can cause a spike in blood sugar and rise your insulin levels. You can balance their effect on your body by avoiding to eat them alone and combine them with healthy toppings like fish, vegetables or fruits.



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