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Three Things That Makes Food to go bad so Fast

There are three main reasons why food get bad so fast. This will mostly depend with the ingredients, storage condition and also the utensils you use.Always remember that food can lead to so many health problems and so it is wise to make sure the food you eat is heathy. Sometimes food poisoning is caused by bacteria that causes the food to go bad.The first man thing that makes food to go bad do fast is the ingredients. Some ingredients gets sour after few hours mostly if the food is stored in a warm place. Large quantities of ingredients such as tomatoes, spices and alot of cooking oil will make the food to go bad so fast. If you need to cook food that need to be consumed after some hours, then you need to reduce the quantity of these ingredients.

Secondly, the condition and temperature at which you store your food. The reason why fridge is used to preserve food, is because it is mentains the food at a very low temperatures. Bacteria that makes food to go bad, can't survive in such cold conditions. If you keep your food in a warm and and in a moist place, it may be invaded by bacteria that may make it to go bad so fast.

Another thing is if your ingredients or dishes are not clean. Always make sure your cooking utensils are so clean to avoid contaminants that may make your food to go bad. Make sure the food is well covered to keep off flies that may contaminate it. To mentain a good condition for your food make sure you kitchen is well.Please share.

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